NSAF Statement on Racial Solidarity and Justice

by NSAF Staff

The National Scholastic Athletics Foundation is heartbroken as it stands with all those who have been impacted by racism and acts of violence – both overt and subtle, including especially all of the student-athletes, coaches, officials, and families in our track and field community. For more than 30 years, we have worked to open doors to the world for our youth, through athletics, and provide them opportunities to succeed on and off the field -- and acts of racial violence, such as those suffered by George Floyd and countless others before him, have no place in that world.

The NSAF's international travel teams, which compete in Cuba and Iceland each year, were created to foster friendships and camaraderie across state and international borders, and to understand that differences are just differences. We aspire to teach social diversity at home and abroad, moving from curiosity to tolerance to acceptance to love of all people as a part of who we each are. That's the foundation on which this organization has been built and has blossomed.

We stand for all young people regardless of color to be able to grow up and pursue academic, athletic and artistic excellence in a better more caring world, where all humanity is treated with respect and justice. Our sport of track and field, cross country, and race walking both embraces and celebrates the vast diversity of athletes like no other sport in the world. Let our participation in this sport be a vessel to inspire us to action and help us achieve unquestioned justice for all.


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