Maurice Hutton: 2023 Michael Byrnes Coach of the Year at NIN

by Steve Underwood

In an age where student-athletes are dealing with more options and distractions than ever, MVP League and South County (Va.) Head Coach Maurice Hutton is a coach for the 2020s – on the cutting edge of progress in the sport, but still teaching old school work ethics, values and dreams.

Hutton’s core motivation comes from being “transformed by track and field” growing up. “During my youth in New York, a coach named Edrick Jordan recognized my potential and helped me stay on the right path,” he says. “Without his guidance, I would not be where I am today … In gratitude for his mentorship, I made a promise to pay it forward as a coach.”

Not long after he graduated from Virginia State in 2005, Hutton ventured into coaching and started the MVP Track Club in Fredricksburg, VA.  His mission elevated to new levels three years later when he partnered with Coach Nick Savage to create the MVP League, with goals of becoming a “national force propelling the youth of Virginia to new heights, academically and athletically.”

In 2016, Hutton was elected USATF Virginia Youth Chair, a position he still holds, and became the head coach at Massaponax HS – while still running MVP.  Among his standouts was Aaliyah Pyatt, who competed for Team NSAF in Iceland in 2020 and became the (Adidas) indoor national champion in the 400m in 2021.

“This was an incredible achievement that required unwavering dedication and perseverance from everyone involved,” says Hutton, “the result of a long and challenging journey that we took together. This victory was particularly meaningful because it followed previous setbacks and failures, and it was inspiring to see her overcome these obstacles and achieve greatness.”

In April 2021, he became a Regional Director for USATF, then the following school year, Hutton took over as head coach of South County, guiding them to a Virginia 6A outdoor state team title last spring.

“I am motivated by the potential to effect positive change and make a difference in the world through our sport,” he says. “We are committed to bridging gaps and creating opportunities with our partners at the US Cyber Games, such as through our Vibe Fest Chicagoland events. These events allow us to combine athletics and cyber security, providing the community with opportunities they might not otherwise have access to.”

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