Partner news you can use: Build Your Base a strong presence at NIN

by Steve Underwood

When 16 of the nation’s top boys and girls throwers took center stage at the Nike Indoor Nationals Saturday night for the new, unique Shot Put Showcase, fans and athletes alike couldn’t help but take note of Build Your Base, which proudly sponsored the event.  And while Mensi Stiff and Jordae Edwards swept through three rounds of throws to win their respective titles, fans were instructed by the announcers not only how to find out more at, but had a golden opportunity to win Beef Bucks VISA cards on-site and through the website.

So just what is Build Your Base? It’s a comprehensive sports nutrition program, launched by the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, which utilizes beef as its premier protein.  “Comprehensive sports nutrition” is a big key. “This is a whole plate program,” says Suzy Geppert, Executive Director of Beef Logic, Inc. “It is truly an impact driven program for real people with busy lives that are just looking for those simple tools and recommendations that can make their life easier and improve overall performance both on and off the track and field.”

It's a testament to the quality of Build Your Base that it’s gone from a South Dakota-based program to making a national impact. “This is truly a grassroots effort that was rooted in community with the goal of creating a nutrition program that was written in an easy-to-understand format that would resonate with athletes and community members of all ages,” says Geppert. “We originally wrote to be a SD program and then it started to spread by word of mouth and people started to reach out to learn more and from there it grew to where it is now. It really took off organically to become a national program.”

Two vocal supporters of Build Your Base happen to be two of the brightest stars in track & field and NSAF alums.  Chris Nilsen was the Outdoor Nationals pole vault champ as a prep senior seven years ago and is now an Olympic and World Championship medalist, after racking up NCAA titles at University of South DakotaDeAnna Price was the 2019 World Champion in the hammer after setting her first American record at the Ironwood Throws competition with NSAF athletes throwing side-by-side. Just weeks ago, she set a world record in the weight throw and she had a special video message to all athletes in both throws events at NIN.

“DeAnna and Chris are phenomenal athletes, but they are even better people,” says Geppert. “They are great role models for these kids to look up to. Chris and DeAnna believe in Build Your Base’s mission to improve lives and do an outstanding job in representing not only the program, but the farmers and ranchers who count on them to share an accurate story about agriculture.”

That’s why it’s so important for Build Your Base to have a presence at Nike Indoor Nationals. “We want to support our youth athletes and their families in whatever way shape or form we can,” says Geppert. “Youth are our future and we understand the impact of athletics. We also understand that not everyone makes an Olympic team, but this program is written to help everyone live their best life, both now and in the future. Nutrition is the key.  We’ve created a toolbox that leads to a healthy life through a community wellness program for athletes.”

Athletes, families and coaches can learn more at


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