Day 3 Event Summaries & Photos

by Joy Kamani
By Jim Spier Photos by Joy Kamani Girls High Jump Final Shanae Briscoe (Cypress Christian, Houston, TX) finished 8th at 5-10.5, with Tara Richmond (Poly, Long Beach, CA) = 11th (5-8.75). Nonetheless, it was the best showing ever for Americans. The event was won by Angela Trost of Italy, obviously a local favorite. Trost cleared 6-1.5. Shanae Briscoe Here is a history of US finalists in this event: 1999 Bydgoszcz 10 Nastassia Vice 1.70 =11 Kaylah Burks 1.70 2005 Marrakesh 12 Desirae Gonder 1.70 2009 Bressanone 8 Shanay Briscoe 1.79 =11 Tara Richmond 1.75 Girls Discus Qualifying Erica Brand (Northwest, Shawnee Mission, KS) could manage only 144-8 for sixth in her group and did not qualify. Alex Collatz (Stockdale, Bakersfield, CA) got an automatic qualifier in the first round of her group, throwing 163-9, the leading throw overall. Girls Triple Jump Final Ciarra Brewer (James Logan, Union City, CA) eked into the final round of 3 with a jump of 41-11.5. She improved to 42-6.75 in Round 5, but that only got her 7th. The winner was Yana Borondina of Russia, who got her big jump on her first attempt, 44-8.75, which held up for the victory. Ciarra Brewer Here is a history of US finalists in this event: 2001 Debrecen 3 Michelle Sanford 13.22 2003 Sherbrooke 5 Brittany Daniels 12.83 7 Erica Mc Lain 12.74 2009 Bressanone 7 Ciarra Brewer 12.87 Boys 10000m Walk Final It is highly unusual for a U.S. athlete to qualify for an event like this, much less do well. That was not the case with Trevor Barron (Bethel Park, PA). His fourth place finish is unprecedented. In fact, he held third place for a short while with about 6 laps to go. We will have to await the judges calls for the final results. Trevor Barron places 4th in Racewalk Girls 2000m Steeplechase Finals After two laps, it was the expected Ethiopian and Kenyan pack of four. Ethiopians and Kenyans led the way With three laps to go, Eleanor Fulton (Highlands Ranch, CO) was in sixth about 40 meters back, and Mc Kinzie Schulz (Benet Academy, Lisle, IL) in seventh, 15 meters behind Fulton. It stayed that way with two laps to go, but Schulz faded to 8th, now 20 meters behind Fulton, still in 6th. With a lap to go, one of the Kenyans dropped back about 5 meters, s othere was now a pack of 3. Korahubsh Itaa of Ethiopia and Lucia Muangi of Kenya separated themselves from the others with 200 meters to go. Then it was a dash to the finish donw the home stretch, with Itaa edging Muangi 6:11.83 to 6:11.90, a world youth record for Itaa. Eleanor Fulton bettered her PR and U.S. sophomore class record in 6th, running 6:37.31. Mc Kinzie Schulz had a tough time of it, finishing last and collapsing at the finish, running 7:08.04. McKinzie Schulz Eleanor Fulton Here is the history of US finalists at the World Youth Championships. As mentioned, this is the first time that any Americans have ever made a final. 2009 Bressanone 6 Eleanor Fulton 6:37.31 12 Mc Kinzie Schulz 7:08.04 Boys Pole Vault Qualifying Max Babits (Fowlerville, MI) could manage only 14-9, well off qualifying. He was our only contestant in this event. Max Babits Here is a history of US finalists in the World Youth champs: 1999 Bydgoszcz =8 Paul Gensic 4.65 2003 Sherbrooke =9 Scott Duckworth 4.75 2005 Marrakesh 2 Scott Roth 5.25 5 Jordan Scott 5.05 Boys 110m Hurdle Final Wow. So much for the prognosticators. First it was MacNeill the Canada who we thought would win after an outstanding round 1. Then Jack Meredith of Great Britain looked so good in the semis and he became the favorite. But Dale Morgan (Taft, Woodland Hills, CA) didn't pay attention to the press clippings, edging Meredith at the wire 13.28 to 13.33, a world youth lead. Morgan and Meredith were in adjacent lanes. Meredith had the better start, but not by much. Morgan took over the lead after the first hurdle and maintained it for the rest of the race. That made it four golds in a row for the Americans after not having medaled in the first 2 championships. Dale Morgan - Gold Here is the history of US finalists at the World Youth Championships: 1999 Bydgoszcz 5 Joshua Walker 13.84 2001 Debrecen 6 Dexter Faulk 13.64 2003 Sherbrooke 1 Jason Richardson 13.29 5 Kevin Craddock 13.87 2005 Marrakesh 1 Cordera Jenkins 13.35 2007 Ostrava 1 Wayne Davis 13.18 2 William Wynne 13.44 2009 Bressanone 1 Dale Morgan 13.28 Girls 400m Finals An event including five (5) U.S. high schoolers. Ebony Eutsey (Southridge, Miami, FL) was out strong in lane. Michelle Brown (Seneca, Tabernacle, NJ) was out as fast in lane 6. It was Eutsey with a significant lead through 300 meters and Brown in second. She showed a lot of courage in holding off Sandra Wagner of Sweden down the homestretch, taking second in 53.44 over Wagner's PB 53.52. Ebony Eutsy Takes the Gold; Michelle Brown the Silver Another excellent showing by the Americans. Here is the U.S. history in that event. 1999 Bydgoszcz 1 Monique Henderson 52.28 2001 Debrecen 1 Stephanie Smith 52.19 2 Jerrika Chapple 52.80 2003 Sherbrooke 1 Natasha Hastings 53.41 ` 5 Brandi Cross 54.28 2005 Marrakesh 4 Brandi Cross 53.34 2007 Ostrava 6 Meshawn Graham 55.18 2009 Bressanone 1 Ebony Eutsey 52.88 2 Michelle Brown 53.44 Michelle Brown & Ebony Eutsy Medal Stand Girls 800m Semifinals (First 2 in each each and those with the net 2 fastest times advance to the final) Heat 1 - A good opening 400 (60.83) by Rowena Cole of Great Britain led the pack at that point. Ciara Mageean of Ireland battled for the lead with 200m to go, and overtook Cole soon thereafter, winning in 2:05.66 to Cole's 2:05.80 Heat 2 - A much slower pace saw Claudia Francis (Cardozo, Queens) leading at 400m (63.19). We thought ahead of time that she would have to get a lifetime best to make the finals. The pace quickened at 500m and Francis moved back to fourth, which is where she finished at 2:09.42. The winner was Olha Lyakhova of Ukraine (2:06.32) Claudia Francis Heat 3 - A much faster pace than the prior race, with Tizita Bogale of Ethiopia leading with 60.73. Marielle Hall (Haddonfield, NJ) looked comfortable at that point, but was well back, missing making a time qualifier by 3 places. She finished fifth in 2:08.94. Bogale faded to third, and the race was won by Cherono Koech of Kenya in 2:05.71. Marielle Hall and Cherono Koech of Kenya Finalists Ciara Mageean Ireland 2:05.66 Rowena Cole Great Britain 2:05.80 Olha Lyakhova Ukraine 2:06.32 Alawia Makiandal Sudan 2:07.99 Cherono Koech Kenya 2:05.71 Rose Almanza Cuba 2:06.17 Tizita Bogale Ethiopia 2:06.31 Viktoria Gyurkes Hungary 2:08.13 History of US finalists in this event at the World Youth championships: 2007 Ostrava 6 Chanelle Price 2:06.55 Boys Hammer Throw Finals Round 4 — A big throw by Suhrob Khodjaev of Tadjikistan (231-11) moved Alec Faldermeyer (Minisink Valley, Slate Hill, NY) into fifth. Faldermeyer fouled in this round. Round 5 — Faldermeyer improved to 228-9 but remained in fifth. Round 6 — Huw Peacock of Australia improved to 231-10, moving Faldermeyer into 6th. Alec did not improve, throwing 224-3, finishing 6th. The winner was Hongqiu Chen of China, who got his big throw in round 1 (245-10). Alec Faldermeyer History of US finalists in this event at the World Youth championships: 2003 Sherbrooke 12 Zach Midles 57.99 2005 Marrakesh 8 Walter Henning 70.91 2007 Ostrava 4 Conor Mc Cullough 74.54 2009 Bressanone 6 Alec Faldermeyer 69.73 Boys 400 Meter Final A masterful performance by Kirani James of Grenada. The world youth leader improved to #4 all-time youth with a great 45.24, also the championship record. Rather than being joyful, he threw his hands down in disgust, obviously hoping to dip below 45. Josh Mance (Chino Hills, CA) , trailing most of the way, but running strongly, was second in 46.22. Josh Mance (Silver) and Kirani James of Grenada (Gold) History of US finalists in this event at the World Youth championships: 1999 Bydgoszcz 5 Ivory Mc Cann 47.55 6 Travon Walton 47.92 2003 Sherbrooke 2 Cedric Goodman 46.42 2005 Marrakesh 3 Bryshon Nellum 46.81 4 Zach Chandy 47.29 2007 Ostrava 7 Danzell Fortson 48.13 2009 Bressanone 2 Josh Mance 46.22 Mance equaled the best placing ever by an American, equaling that of Cedric Goodman in 2003. Interesting comment from the Event Manager: "We already had as many spectators on the first two days as we had envisioned for the final two. My finance department is very pleased with that. A budget of €2.3million is not insignificant." (That's about $3,500,000 to run the event). Boys 110m Hurdle Semifinals (First 2 in each each and those with the net 2 fastest times advance to the final) Heat 1 - A very close race for the first half of the race, with Dongqiang Wang taking lead at the 6th hurdle. He increased it at end, winning in 13.57. Jean da Silva of Brazil was second in 13.75 Heat 2 - Dale Morgan (Taft, Woodland Hills, CA) got a great start, leading the entire way, and won in 13.55, a PR at 36" hurdles. Gregory MacNeill of Canada, who looked so good in round 1, running 13.43 then, struggled the entire race, but is in good stead to qualify on time, finishing third in 13.65. Gregor Traber of Germany closed well and finished second in 13.59 Dale Morgan Heat 3 - A big race for Jack Meredith of Great Britain, taking the world youth lead in winning at 13.42. Arnau Erta of Spain got second in 13.65. It should be a great final later on today. Finals Qualfiers Dongqiang Wang China 13.57 Jean da Silva Brazil 13.75 Dale Morgan USA 13.55 Gregor Traber Germany 13.59 Jack Meredith Great Britain 13.42 Arnau Erta Spain 13.65 Gregory Mac Neill Canada 13.65 Dario Vanderveken Belgium 13.68 Boys Hammer Throw Final Prelims Alec Faldermeyer, with a good chance at a medal opened with a foul, hitting the cage on the left side. His next throw, 218-11, moved into 9th, not such a good place to be with 8 finalists. His final throw was a clutch one, 223-3, moving him into fourth. The Stadium It is a small track/soccer stadium with about 1000 permanent seats and another 4000 seats in temporary bleachers around the track. The stadium sits next to a river on the East side. The sun rises in the East, and the press tribune (in the main stands) are on the west, so we get a bit of the direct sun in the morning. If it were flat across the way, we'd get lots of the direct sun. But the Alps covers about two-thirds of the sky on that side, so we get very little direct sunlight. I took a walk around the stadium, passing the temporary bleachers. It is a very relaxed atmosphere, with a mix of athletes and fans. The pole vault, shot put and javelin are on the north side and the high jump is on the south side. The coaches (and parents and fans) can get very close to the competitors at both venues. It really offers an intimate setting for all. Boys 200m Round 1 (First 2 in each heat and those with the next 6 fastest times advance to the next round) Heat 1 - Comfort "Inn" Olugbemi of Nigeria held off Masato Hiyashi 21.96 to 21.98, with both automatically advancing to the next round. Heat 2 - Alberto "VO9" Gavalda of Spain had an easy time qualifying, running 21.90 for the win. Heat 3 - An easy run for Xiang Huang of China and Moriba "Kettle" Morain of Trinidad to easily qualify, with Huang besting Morain, 21.77 to 21.83. Heat 4 - Dedric Dukes (Washington, Miami, FL), the world youth leader, looked very impressive in winning in 21.28, .8 faster than second. Dedrick Dukes easily qualifies Heat 5 - An expected battle between "21 low guys" Leandro De Araujo of Brazil and Adam "Walt" Pawlowski of Poland, with De Araujo the victor, 21.71 to 21.82. Heat 6 - Sam Watt of Great Britain, with a unique style, won easily in 21.61. Heat 7 - Johannes de Klerk of South Africa had an easy time of it, winning in 21.70. Heat 8 - Juquan Tan, 100m semifinalist, battle Yateya Kambepera of Botswana, with Tan the victor, 21.86 to 21.89. Heat 9 - Kirani James (Grenada), the 400m favorite, easily won in 21.18. Keenan Brock (Carver, Birmingham, AL), a late addition to the team, "rose to the occasion" with a .3 PR, taking second in 21.45. Keenan Brock gets a PR in Round 1 Girls Javelin Qualifying — Group B Ashley Aldredge (Cedar Creek, Ruston, LA) finished 10th in her group, not advancing. The threw 142-6. The leader was Lismania Munoz of Cuba, throwing 167-6. Ashley Aldredge Only one girl has ever made a javelin final at the World Championships: 2001 Debrecen 9 Rachel Walker 44.65 Boys Shot Put Qualifying Ryan Crouser (Barlow, Gresham, GA), the discus silver medalist, unleashed his qualifying mark on his first throw, tossing the shot 67-5.5. Davis Fraker (Mc Intosh, Peachtree City, GA) had two fouls in his qualifying flight, then was tentative on his final throw, not making the final. His throw was 59-0, placing him 19th overall and not advancing to the final. Ryan Crouser Davis Fraker did not advance FYI, here is the updated discus history at the WY Champs: 1999 Bydgoszcz 5 Dan Taylor 55.96 2003 Sherbrooke 8 Kyle Davis-Hammerquist 57.63 2007 Ostrava 5 Sean Tabor 59.07 2009 Bressanone 2 Ryan Crouser 64.20 4 Alexander Thompson 59.69 Both athletes, Crouser and Thompson, performed better than any U.S. ever before. It was the first time the U.S. had 2 finalists, and the first medal ever in this event. Boys 2000m Steeplechase Qualifying (First 4 in each heat and those with the next 4 fastest times advance to the final) Heat 1 - The usual suspects, with Hillary Yego of Kenya not only winning, but running a World Youth best at 5:34.13. Connor Martin (Westfield, IN) ran 6:03.61 in 10th. Connor Martin Heat 2 - No surprises here, with Peter Lagat winning in 5:37.49. Ethiopians were second in both races, by the way. Only two from the U.S. have every made a steeplechase final: 2003 Sherbrooke 9 Ben De Lay 5:57.84 12 Andres Urbina 6:13.52 Boys Triple Jump Qualifying The U.S. had no entrants here. The leader after the qualifying was the long jump champion from yesterday, S.N.A. Supanara of Thailand, jumping a personal best of 51-0. Here is the history of U.S. finalists at the World Youth Championships: 1999 Bydgoszcz 6 Allen Simms 15.15 2001 Debrecen 9 Abraham Jones 14.56 2007 Ostrava 1 Christian Taylor 15.98 9 Bryce Lamb 14.99 Girls Javelin Qualifying Flight 1 Flight 1 Fawn Miller (Lakeview, Stoneboro, PA) gave it her best shot but could only finish 10th in the qualifying round, throwing 146-8. There were four auto qualifiers, led by Marija Vucenovic of Serbia, who threw 169-8. Girls 200m Round 1 (First 3 in each heat and those with the 3 fastest times advance to Round 2) Heat 1 - An easy run for WY 100m champ Jodie Williams of Great Britain, winning in 23.96. Heat 2 - The Jamaicans have not been heard from so far. It seems that some of their better female athletes are too young for the competition. Nonetheless, Celia Walters of that country looked good in winning her heat in 24.20. Heat 3 - Facing the Cuban Dulaimi Odelin who had a better time coming in (23.45), Briana Nelson (JL Mann, Greenville, SC) did not let that phase her, winning easily in 24.19. She seemed to "shut it down" at about 160m. Briana Nelson Heat 4 - A battle between Shai-Anne Davis of Canada and Martina Riedl of Germany, with Riedl winning in 24.34 to Davis' 24.40. Heat 5 - Simone Martin led the entire way, winning in the relatively slow time of 24.78. Heat 6 - An easy run for 100m bronze medallist Ashton Purvis (St. Elizabeth, Oakland, CA), running a relaxed 24.26 for the win. Ashton Purvis

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