Day 5 Event Summaries & Photos

by Joy Kamani
Girls Medley Relay (100-200-300-400) The U.S. has never lost this one and, again, the outcome was never in doubt. It was Jordan Clark (Lathrup, Southfield, MI - 11.4) to Ashton Purvis (St. Elizabeth, Oakland, CA - 23.4) to Briana Nelson (J.L. Mann, Greenville, SC - 37.1) to Ebony Eutsey (Southridge, Miami, FL - 52.5) (Nelson, who had run the 200m leg in the trials, moved to the 300 leg, replacing Michelle Brown, with Ashton Purvis moving into the 200m slot). All get gold medals and additionally, Purvis takes home two silvers (100, 200) and Eutsey another gold (400). (Assuming those in trials get medals as well, Michelle Brown will take home gold in addition to her 400m silver). History of U.S. Finalists at World Youth Championships: 1999 Bydgoszcz 1 USA 2:07.71 2001 Debrecen 1 USA 2:03.83 2003 Sherbrooke 1 USA 2:03.87 2005 Marrakesh 1 USA 2:03.93 2007 Ostrava 1 USA 2:05.74 2009 Bressanone 1 USA 2:04.32 Boys Medley Relay (100-200-300-400) The U.S. "almost" owns this event, having won each except for 2001 when they took second. The relay was highlighted by some great stick passing, first from Colin Hepburn (Glenbrook South, Glenview, IL — 10.5) to Keenan Brock (Carver, Birmingham, AL — 20.5), then another excellent pass, pulling the U.S. from third to first, from Brock to Dedric Dukes (Washington, Miami, FL — 33.1). Dukes, looking great after pulling up in his 200 race, handed off to Josh Mance (Chino Hills, CA) who anchored in 46.3. Their time, 1:50.33, was a World Youth record. Perfect hand-offs for the boys 1999 Bydgoszcz 1 USA 1:51.29 2001 Debrecen 2 USA 1:50.90 2003 Sherbrooke 1 USA 1:52.03 2005 Marrakesh 1 USA 1:51.19 2007 Ostava 1 USA 1:51.19 2009 Bressanone 1 USA 1:50.33 Girls Long Jump It was the best results ever for Americans, and the first ever medal in this event. Hindered by headwinds, the jumping was not quite as good as in the preliminaries yesterday, but the competition was just as still. Jen Clayton (Suffern, NY) jumped 19-9.5 for the bronze. A'Lexis Brannan (Ozen, Beaumont, TX), qualified for the finals in 8th at 19-4.25 and could not improve on that mark in the finals, and finished in that position. The event was won by Minjia Lu of China, jumping 20-5. Jen Clayton - medal stand Jen Clayton - Bronze A'Lexus Brannon History of US Finalists in this event at the World Youth Championships: 1999 Bydgoszcz 9 Jill Bell 5.72 2001 Debrecen 6 Kamesha Whitmire 5.97 =11 Michelle Sanford 5.45 2003 Sherbrooke 8 Erica Mc Lain 5.91 2009 Bressanone 3 Jennifer Clayton 6.05 8 A'Lexis Brannon 5.90 Boys Javelin Final An excellent performance by Devin Bogert (Tomball, TX). He got his big mark (231-8) in round 1 and stood fourth for much of the 3 qualifying rounds. He qualified for the finals in seventh. It equaled the best performance ever by an American, and the best throw. The winner was Shih-Feng Huang of Taipai at 242-9. Devin Bogert History of U.S. Finalists at the World Youth Championships. 2001 Debrecen 10 Dustin Johnson 57.10 2003 Sherbrooke 7 Chad Brown 69.08 2009 Bressanone 7 Devin Bogert 70.61 Boys 200 Final So you get a call a few hours after the team is selected and are asked if you can join the team. You say yes. Then you surprise everyone by making it out of the first round, and then making the semis. But who would have thought you would have gotten a medal? That was the case of Keenan Brock (Carver, Birmingham, AL). It is a truly an amazing story that Brock got the bronze medal, running 21.39 (-0.9). The winner (now with two wins) was Kirani James of Grenada with a PB 21.05. Alberto Gravalda (Spain) was second in 21.33. Dedric Dukes, taped up, felt a twinge at about 170 meters and hobbled in, finishing fourth in 21.61. It was the first medal by a U.S. athlete since 2003. Kirani James (Grenada) adds 200m win to his 400m gold History of U.S. finalists at World Youth Championships: 1999 Bydgoszcz 3 Bryan Sears 21.09 2001 Debrecen 1 Jonathan Wade 20.95 2 Michael Grant 21.30 2003 Sherbrooke 2 Michael Grant 21.04 ` 2009 Bressanone 3 Keenan Brock 21.39 ` 4 Dedric Dukes 21.61 Boys 3000 Meters In the words of Mike Kennedy, there's Race A and Race B. The pack stayed together for the first 3 laps at which time David Bett made a break. One half lap later there was 100 meters separating the two packs. Bett led for almost the entire balance of the race until 40 meters to go at which point his teammate Isiah Koech passed him to win in the meet record time of 7:51.51. Bett was second in 7:52.13. In Race B, both Amercans, Zach Wills (Mason, OH) and Erik Olson (Novato, CA), ran well and, at one point, had a shot at the top 8. Both both faded down the homestretch albeit running outstanding times. Wills was ninth in 8:18.24 and Olson tenth in 8:18.84, both personal bests. Wills bettered his sophomore class record. Their times are the second and third best in the U.S. this year. This is the first time any American has made the final in the 3000 meters. Kenyans take gold and silver in 3000m Zac Wills Erik Olson History of U.S. Finalists at the World Youth Championships 2009 Bressanone 9 Zach Wills 8:18.24 10 Erik Olson 8:18.84 Girls 200 Final Ashton Purvis (St. Elizabeth, Oakland, CA appeared to be leading coming off the turn, but on came 100 meter champ Jodie Williams (Great Britain) to her right. Then, on her left, Allison Peter (US Virgin Islands) was coming on just as strong. It was a blanket finish, with Williams getting the nod over Peter, with both running 23.08. Purvis, sandwiched between the two, got a big PR, running 23.15. Briana Nelson (JL Mann, Greenville, SC) ran a great race, but could "only" manage 23.63 for fourth. The U.S. has always medaled at this meet. Ashton Purvis' time was the second best ever among Americans. Allison Peter was third in both the 100m and 200m at this year's Nike Outdoor Nationals. Jodi Williams of Great Britain takes the 100/200m double U.S. finalist history at World Youth Championships: 1999 Bydgoszcz 1 La Shauntea Moore 23.38 2001 Debrecen 1 Angel Perkins 23.07 2003 Sherbrooke 2 Courtney Champion 23.56 ` 3 Cleo Tyson 23.67 2005 Marrakesh 2 Bianca Knight 23.33 4 Khrystal Carter 23.61 2007 Ostrava 2 Chalonda Goodman 23.54 5 Ashton Purvis 23.89 2009 Bressanone 3 Ashton Purvis 23.15 4 Briana Nelson 23.63 Girls 800m Earlier this afternoon Cerono Koech of Kenya handily won the girls 800 meters with a World Youth leading time of 2:01.67. Clara Mageean of Ireland was second and Rowena Cole of Great Britain was third. 800 meter winner Cherono Koech Medal Ceremony for Girls Discus Alex Collax receives her silver medal

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