Project Javelin Gold returns to Sioux Falls with
Sanford Sports Science Institute for annual clinic

(8/6/2021 Update)

The NSAF is excited to announce the return of Project Javelin Gold to the Sioux Falls, S.D. for our late-summer clinic with Sanford Sports Science Institute (SSSI). This is the 4th annual clinic we have held with our partners from SSSI, offering fantasic facilities to train outdoors (Howard Wood Field), indoors (Sanford Fieldhouse) and to hold classroom sessions (Sanford Pentagon).

We are extremely grateful to SSSI for helping support our Podium Projects. The Project Javelin Gold clinic will be held cocurrently with the NSAF's Project Triple Jump clinic, as it has been since SSSI became partners with the NSAF in 2017. We hope you'll join us to kick off the 2021-22 season.



The clinic is open to all athletes, coaches and interested parties. The entry fee for the full weekend is $195 (with a 20 percent discount to groups of 5 or more). To get the group discount, you must register as a group. We are also offering Saturday-only (Aug. 7) registration for a fee of $95. You can register HERE at AthleticNET (


Outdoor throwing and training:

Howard Wood Field
2000 W. Russell St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Indoor training and classroom sessions:

Sanford Sports Complex
(Sanford Fieldhouse and Sanford Pentagon)

2210 W. Pentagon Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57107


Sioux Falls Airport Fairfield Inn & Suites
4035 North Bobhalla Drive
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Please check back for dedicated NSAF registration link and rates.



Thursday: August 5th

7pm to 8:30pm -- Javelin Discussion with Tom Pukstys, Barry Krammes and Kim Hamilton. Technique, training, and competition.


Friday, August 6th

8:30am   Registration / Sign-in

9:30am to 12:30pm (Outdoors-Howard Wood Field) Session goal: Technical teaching • Introduction and handouts
• 10 to 15 minute warm-up
• Throwing with coaching points to groups according to skill/need
• Advanced techniques if fitness and conditions allow
• Drills for advancing technique

12:30pm-1:30pm   Lunch break

3pm to 6pm: (Indoors Fieldhouse) Session Goal: Advancing throwing performance and specific strength  in javelin throwers. Starts with short presentation of drills and video with coach Tom Warm-up
• Medicine ball training: two arm work as needed and appropriate
• Run-up work: Technique and drills to enhance ability.
• Weight-room orientated strength: Core work, pullovers, and leg strength for javelin throwers and circuit work.

• Dinner

• Sports Psychologist Dr. Margaret Ottley

Saturday, August 7th:

8:30am   Registration / Sign-in at Howard wood field

9:30am to Noon: (Outdoors-Howard Wood) Session Goal: Throwing for technique and fault assessment:  application of specific drills for individuals
• Javelin Mobility/Warm-up “from the ground up” with Barry Krammes leading. • General warm-up
• Throwing with javelins
• Post throwing flexibility/stretching with cords

12pm-2:00pm   Lunch break

2:30pm: Video review session (Pentagon Film Room): Overview of international athletes and technique 

3pm to 5:00pm: (Indoors-Fieldhouse) Session Goal: Run-up training and throwing technique • Drills for throwing and run-up work.
• Front, cross-steps, penultimate and full run-up work.

• Classroom Review- Pentagon Film room.


Sunday, August 8th:

8am to 10am: (Indoors-Fieldhouse) Session Goals: Re-visit run-up work and technical throwing as  athletes can perform comfortably.
• Warm-up
• Throwing Drills/throwing at modest pace
• Teaching several power jumps for their own testing: standing triple jump and single leg box jumps  for cross-step/impulse power
• Prepare a notecard to handout with specific goals/drills for each athlete right after the session!




OUR NSAF Project Javelin Clinic GOALS

The ongoing goal of this project is to identify emerging elite youth and junior javelin talent and provide them with the best technical and training methods available, and to maximize their development to international level throwers in order represent the United States in Olympic/World Championship events.

State-of-the-art coaching and training instruction is available to any coaches and athletes who attend the camps, in addition to the selected and sponsored throwers in this program. In a first-of-its-kind program in the U.S., Project Javelin Gold brings the top U.S. and International javelin coaches together to provide a level of understanding and education about javelin technique and training never before available in the U.S.

The clinic is open to any interested coaches and athletes for observation and interaction with our coaching staff. Coaches and athletes are encouraged to film, ask questions and generally be involved so they can gain maximum benefit from the Project.


We welcome all NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA College coaches to attend our clinics.


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