Knight, Farmsworth Make it Two in a Row at Firman

by Jim Spier

Sometimes a mundane day can turn into a nightmare.

After getting back from dinner last night with Ryan Canning, one of the trio that puts on the Bob Firman Invitational (Tim Severa and Dave Mills are the others), I went to my laptop to routinely check my email. I reached for the water I poured for myself and promptly spilled it on my keyboard. I “drained” it, worked for another half hour and went to bed.

When I woke up and tried to turn my computer on, it wouldn’t respond. I tried the obligatory shaking and banging but it wouldn’t budge.

So I went to the business center in the hotel and found a local computer repair company. I called at about 8am and, to my surprise, someone answered the phone.

It was Brett Archer of Perfect Computing Inc, in Boise. Thinking it was a keyboard problem, he offered me a USB keyboard. I said, “Thanks. How much is it?” He said, “Don’t worry about it, I have plenty of them”. I said I’d be there in 10 minutes.

I arrived and he took a look at it. “Oh! You don’t have power”, he said. I acknowledged affirmatively. He said that he’d have to take it apart and look at it. I said that that would be fine. I told him I would go to get some coffee.

I came back about 45 minutes later. Brett said “Good news and bad news. You have no major damage to the computer itself, but the keyboard has been shorted out. You’ll need a new one. I don’t have one, but you can order one online”. So he put it back together again. I said, “How much do I owe you?” He said, “Nothing – I really didn’t fix anything”. No matter how much I tried to offer he refused.

This attitude is very characteristic of the Boise I have experienced each time I’ve been here. I highly recommend Brett and his company. Perfect Computing 8432 Fairview Avenue, Boise, ID 83704 208 246-8861.

I managed to get things rolling in the hotel’s business center and did make it out to the meet.

Here are the nationally ranked teams:


#8 The Woodlands, TX

#9 Davis, Kaysville, UT

#11 Arcadia, CA

#12 North Central, Spokane, WA

#21 Trabuco Hills, CA

#24 Rancho Cucamonga, CA


#11 Ogden, UT

#28 Mountain View, Meridian, ID

#40 Trabuco Hills, CA

#44 Skyline, Salt Lake City, UT


The girls race was won by Katie Knight, a nationally ranked distance runner from North Central of Spokane, WA who led from start to finish.

The boys race was won by Dallin Farnsworth of Highland HS in Pocatello, ID, another national class athlete who has a 9:03 3200m to his credit.

The final count is over 3700 athletes in a meet that went from 8am to 5pm with races ranging from Iddle School to college. The Dairy Farmers of Idaho is one of the sponsors and over 6000 bottles of chocolate milk were provided free to athletes and spectators.

Bob Firman Invitational complete results

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