NSAF Sends 32 Throwers to ChicagoLand

by Joy Kamani

Thirty-two promising high school throwers will get the experience of a lifetime this summer!

Thanks to the involvement of the NSAF in the Chicagoland Throwers Series they will be competing with some of this nation's elite professional throwers June 8th in Chicago.

According to NSAF Executive Director, Jim Spier, its all part of the NSAF's mission of the development of high school track and field, especially in an area where the U.S. is not as good as it could be.  Spier states, "Exposure of the best high school throwers to a high level of competition will, no doubt,  have a beneficial effect on their development."

He went on to say "The NSAF is investing nearly $40,000 in this project, including covering all transportation and accommodations for the 32 high school athletes.  It is money well-spent, in our opinion."

  Note that the NSAF's Caribbean Scholastic Invitational is being held on the same day, June 8.  Between the two events, each supporting 32 athletes plus staff,  the NSAF's investment is nearly $100,000.00

So how did the NSAF get involved in the Chicagoland event.?  That's covered in Elliott Denman's companion article on javelin legend and NSAF Board Member, Bill Schmidt.

Who are the lucky thirty-two?  Here they are  Do you recognize any of them - here are their photos.

And, finally, just who are these elite athletes that they will be competing with?  You should recognize several of these names!


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