For the Love of Track - Jack Pfeifer, Doug Speck Award Winner

by Dave Kearney

The NSSF's Doug Speck Award for Excellence and Innovation will be presented to Jack Pfeifer during opening ceremonies on Sunday afternoon at the New Balance Nationals Indoors.

Jack Pfeifer worked for many years as a reporter and editor for the Seattle Times, Baltimore Sun, and The New York Times. But perhaps his long relationship with Track & Field News as a correspondent – since 1964 – says as much or more about his love of track as his time with the big newspapers.

Retired from The Times for about five years and fully engaged with track & field, Jack is the Director of College Track & Field for the Armory Foundation. He also is President of the Track and Field Writers of America [TAFWA], and a long-time member of the FASST Track & Field Club and the Association of Track and Field Statisticians [ATFS]. Jack also is Director of the New Balance Collegiate Invitational held annually at the Armory, and assorted other meets. A University of Washington graduate, he resides in Portland, Oregon, but spends several months a year working out of New York in his work for the Armory.

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