NSAF SURVEY: New options for Outdoor Nationals dates and location

by Steve Underwood

The NSAF has two questions for YOU, our high school track and field athletes, coaches and parents:

1. Would you compete at The Outdoor Nationals if the meet were held in mid-August instead of July?

2. Would you compete at a comparably outstanding Midwest venue, say in Sioux Falls, S.D., if the meet could not be held in Greensboro?

Please let us know by taking THIS SURVEY (https://forms.gle/RgmN6NYiWfJ8pkKi7).

The NSAF is exploring all options in this age of COVID-19 concerning Outdoor Nationals. We want to give athletes one last chance to perform, but only if it's safe for athletes, coaches, officials, parents and fans. Our 2020 Outdoor Championships may not have a title sponsor, but it will provide the same exciting experience and competition as have all of the others in the past.

Many of you know that the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NSAF) owns and operates the indoor and  outdoor unofficial HS championships, formerly known as the New Balance Nationals Indoor and Outdoor. The NSAF has been running the meets since 1991 and has been fortunate to have many wonderful sponsors along the way, including Nike and adidas.

We're hoping to see you at Outdoor Nationals, provided we can host it safely. Please take the SURVEY (https://forms.gle/RgmN6NYiWfJ8pkKi7)!




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